Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Admit One Development Blog #1

Last week my good friend and talented designer Kees van Ardenne, founder of Kwadraat Design, published his company's new website ( What makes this special to me is that one of the works featured on the site is one of my own projects: Admit One.

Admit One started as a nameless project I thought of a few years ago. But, other than a few prototypes it was lacking direction and concept. Kees recently helped me make the next big step by helping me refine the idea and getting clear what I was really looking for. While the project is still under development I would like to share just a quick teaser.

In short, Admit One is an online platform you can use to create and share your own visual stories. It brings several elements together: visuals, music and of course text for the story itself. Using the online editor you select the locations in Google Street View in which your story takes place. Then, you can select music chosen from YouTube that fits the mood of the story. Finally, you make the script by writing the story and sequencing the different locations and music. The resulting story you can publish for the rest of the world's entertainment.

Of course the project name is a reference to the cinema and theater tickets that used to say Admit One. Similarly as for movies and theater, this platform is build as an aid to realize your creative ideas.

For an impression check out some visuals at Any questions or comments? More than welcome!

Stay tuned for more! Cheers!

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